The Africa of Fashion video demonstrates the convergence of the Western world of high fashion and the Indigenous world of African artists from the Baule, Punu, Dogon and Mossi peoples, among others.

Sacred masks and figures are juxtaposed with two dimensional works by the modernists Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Wifredo Lam and the Russian born Romain de Tirtoff, popularly known as Erte’. Finally, we see iconic beauties of the fashion and film world including Marlene Dietrich, Naomi Campbell and Pat Cleveland. All wear clothes and jewelry whose designers owe their inspiration primarily to the African diaspora.

The African pieces you see here are from my private collection and have, in turn, inspired me to return to my film and media production roots with this light hearted presentation. Again, my purpose is to bring back the joy of collecting with new discoveries and interrelationships to delight the eyes.   Click Here.